Jul 19, 2004

iPod Etiquette

I love this little side-bar of infotainment Apple placed on the new iPod product page.

Remove both earbuds:
  • During a job interview
  • Taking your driver’s test
  • When your sweetie calls
Remove one earbud:
  • Listening for your flight
  • Buying groceries
  • When a coworker calls
Leave ’em in:
  • Visiting the inlaws
  • At the laundromat
  • When your boss calls

I'm still carrying around my 5GB original iPod. I'm old-skool.

Update: Stanford University has iPod Etiquette: "There’s even iPod etiquette: when friends run into each other on campus, each removes one earbud so they can converse and listen to music simultaneously."