Jun 4, 2004

From p. 89

Short writings of poor quality excerpted from fictional unpublished fiction is a good time.
"Here is what I know. There is only one man crazy enough to take on the Debache. If you even think about crossing him, we're screwed. We'll all die."

"What are you talking about? The Debache is a band of misfits; they're not dangerous."

"Not dangerous? You're way off chief. First of all, it's a secret organization of powerful geniuses, not a 'band of misfits' as you say. And what the bejesus? How can they not be dangerous—they shoot lasers out of their eyes."

"You're right. I'm an ass."

These are the things that happen when your riding Caltrain.


Marcus Gold said...

Man, I sent you a beg-plea for a gmail account. Then, I ran across your "sidetalkin'" post. Interesting thing is, I am a member of the Nokia NGage Nationwide Tour beginning the 24th of June. We are going to be travelling the US for 4 months promoting this handheld for the masses. I'll have to send over some pics of the crew sidetalkin'.

Jason said...

This is very off topic, but why isn't there a blogger hat? There is a blogger shirt, but no hat. I want a blogger hat.

Biz said...

That's a good idea. Maybe we should do that up. I like a Blogger hat myself.

Thomas said...

Whatever happened to blogger thongs? I'm sure someone has one out there ;-)