May 9, 2004

Pop the Bubbly

We just launched a brand new Blogger. New look, new features, new templates, and that new Blogger smell. Very fresh. We hope you love it because the fact is: You Power Blogger. We just work here. If you want the details, here's the whole story: The Great Blogger Relaunch. Enjoy. (Cross-posted from inside your new Blogger Dashboard.)


Brad said...


Excellent work on the re-launch! I'm eager to try the bells & whistles.

Best regards to you and your Blogger comrades,


jesslin said...

Biz, you're awesome. I'm so stoked, its possible there may be some pant wettage.

Princesa said...

I was waiting to have my blog published and I was mad... hehehe but when i saw this awesome site i felt very happy. looks so beautiful, everything is magically enhanced. i like it. bravo !:-)

Ali Ebrahim said...


The new site looks great. Congrats on its success. Eveyrone I've spoken to loves it.

I do have a question though. I'm wondering when we'll be able to sign up for Blogger Pro again, so we can get ad free pages/image hosting/full stat tracking. Do you have any idea when this will be available again?


OldEric said...
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jc said...

The redesign and features look, if you could just figure out a way around the double serving probledm.

M said...

I was initially thrown off guard by the dashboard and the new interface (especially since I liked seeing my old posts while creating my new one), but it didn't take very long for me to get used to it. :)

Online knowledgebase was sooo incredibly helpful.

Love the new look! Love the new templates! Love the commenting feature! Makes me inspired to blog again. :)

Gideon Starorzewski said...

I've spent the whole afternoon playing with the new templates; I can't wait to redesign my blog! Thanks, B!

torfeida said...

Yeah, I'm glad that Blogger's now moved up to the plate and finally gone further than some of the newer blogging services. It'll take a little getting used to for me, but I think I'll find it to be totally great in a few days! Thanks for all the work you guys have been doing :) Blogger Rules!

Roland said...

I am sorry, but this is one of the worst redesign in the history of redesigns.

I am very mad about this new look. I want my old interface back!

Philip said...

Nice comment system. It would be nice if the link left by the commenter would take someone to their blog instead of their profile, which no one has set up. My $0.02. Otherwise, all new features are super cool!

zheng said...

Excellent work,i like new

Chris said...

I was really really hoping that the Blogger re-launch would introduce us to Blogger-powered comments and categories. One outta two ain't bad! I'd love to see categories, though. The look, feel, navigation, and array of new templates are just tremendous.

Dave said...

Three things about the "new" Blogger:
I hate it
I hate it
I hate it.

Some of the features are OK, but the redesign as some form of "Barney does Blogging" is just the pits. Give me back my old interface!

And, while I didn't think it was possible, the new stuff takes even longer to publish!

And while I'm ranting - why is there no "feedback" link anywhere on the site?

La Shawn said...

Hi Biz-- This is off-topic, but I'd like to know if you design blogs. I have your book but I'd rather pay someone to do it for me. I'm currently on blogger but will be going to Movable Type soon. Thanks.

Biz said...

Cool, thanks for the comments. If you love the new Blogger, great. If you like the new Blogger but wish there were more stuff, I'm with you on that. If you hate the new Blogger just because it's new and you want old times back, then you're out of luck because we're moving forward!

topku said...

Great jobs,biz!We guys in China are very excited,there are many Blogger user here.Many of them stop blogging using Blogger,but now ,they are coming back.And I am one of them:)I will reuse my Blogger account along with a new domain name in the coming future.

One Suggestion:Can you guys in Google develop a WYSIWYG editor for Blogger user?Many people in China like that style,and so many BSP here like or are going this way.

And what this site for: ?


Tim said...

The new blogger rocks! The templates are beautiful, I love it. If you make it any cooler I'm gonna have to switch from MoveableType (Incidentally, is there an easy way I can do this?). Keep up the good work.

Matt said...


Im posting this here.. since I couldn't post a comment on the other ones. Anyway, how do I go about getting an invite for Gmail? Also love the new Blogger site.. works in Opera too - hope gmail will too soon *cough* ;)

Don't be getting drunk on your fantastic little launch parties now, can't have that can we :)

God Bless,


CarLBanks said...

Awesome! You definately work great on Blogger. The new blogger has totally made my website maintaining easier.

Walt said...

I love the new look. And the features are fantastic. I'll be honest: I had thought about straying. But no more!

Thanks for the great work you all did.

CarLBanks said...

Walt, I will confess also, until today I was thinking of straying also.

Patrick said...

Congrats on the new images. I've got comments working on my blog, but I already have a couple of requests.

1. I use the base target tag on my site so that my offsite open in a new window. More often than not, that's what I want to happen. I can set the target for everything I need in the Blogger comments system except for $BlogItemCreate. That ends up opening in a new window.
2. How about an option to show comments in reverse posting order... newest first?
3. And, could we have a MainorItemPage conditional tag?
(and 4... how about <br>, <p>, <ol> and <li> tags in comments!)

I know I'm asking for a lot, but you guys have delivered a lot!

Also, please let me know if I should be emailing this to someone or posting somewhere else.


Tato said...

The new Blogger is awesome!
Got to push it forward!

heads said...

Very nice interface. I've yet to explore all the new options---I did notice that my Haloscan commenting seemed to disappear after I published a new post---I got it back but wonder if it will have problems in the future. The new look is excellent and the new templates are a nice plus---onward Blogger!

Bon said...

The new Blogger is a step in the right direction, but there are quite a few disprovements (I made that word up, it's like the opposite of an improvement) which I've written about on this page.

Ali Ebrahim said...

While the new interface is great, SFTP support remains painful to use. It's slow slow slow slow and it fails 10 times more often than it succeeds, particularly when someone comments and it tries to upload the updated pages.

Seriously, SFTP support in Blogger is basically broken. It's not my server, which has no problems accepting files from anywhere else at speeds of over >500KB/s. At the speed uploads to it, you'd think it was running off a modem, and a slow one at that.

While I appreciate all that you do, SFTP support is REALLY broken. Please, please fix it.

If you need help or more info, don't hesitate to contact me. You can find my email address on my blog.

C.F. Myers said...

The Blogger relaunch has prompted me to use Blogger to power my own blog.

Excellent work!