May 27, 2004


I just got a call from Susan at the DMV. She said they gave me the wrong plates. I have to go back, turn in my newly acquired CA plates and do it all over again to get the right ones. She has also mysteriously lost one of my forms so I need to get both Livia's and my signatures on that again. I'm gonna see if I can find it online. I think this will make it the sixth or seventh trip. Nice!


"Harold" said...

Your DMV appears to be imploding into its own stereotype. Either that or you're being Punk'd.

Not nice at all.


mydigital said...

I gotta believe it's the Fell St. does SF only have ONE DMV??

jason said...

I feel for you Stone. I had all sorts of troubles with the DMV in St. Louis.

Fuck the man, get a bike.