May 18, 2004

Do You Power Blogger?

When Ev first showed me the "I Power Blogger" button I thought it was the bees knees. We all decided it should be rocked out with this latest release and replace the older "Powered by Blogger" button. Just now, I wondered what the reaction from people might be so I turned to Technorati:
  • "An 'I Power Blogger' button instead. How adorably empowering."

  • "I power Blogger, you know."

  • "The little 'I power Blogger' button is really cool!"

  • "The 'I Power Blogger' attitude of the Blogger guys is just cool."

  • "Blogger's new slogan is 'I power blogger' which is completely true."

  • "I especially like the new icon that says 'I power blogger.'"

  • "I Power Blogger. Ha ha."

  • "And the edges were rounded! So I thought to myself, 'Al Qaeda!'"

  • "I Power Blogger, Interesting."

  • "Apparently there was some Bolshevik-esque weblog publishing revolution over the weekend."

  • "I do indeed power Blogger and have gone unrecognized for lo these many months."

  • "I power Blogger. WTF?"

  • "Oh, and btw, this 'I Power Blogger' button is even gayer than Rock Hudson."

I love those reactions.


Gideon Starorzewski said...

Since I Power Blogger, will I be empowered with some Blogger stock? InquIrIng mInds want to know when our complImentary sIngle share arrIves In our GmaIl, as per the Bolshevik revolution that apparently swept the web!

Tato said...

"I power Blogger - Don't You?"

That's what I have at the "alt" thing...

CarLBanks said...
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CarLBanks said...

This gave me a cool idea, to add some hover text when you hover over the button.

jesslin said...

I love the "I power blogger" button, but it seems that mine has dissapeared... and so has yours. It's been changed with the old one! :(

Josh said...

We've made a blue spinoff to fit our colour scheme.

Link to the blue "I Power Blogger" button.

Naturally, any other bloggers out there who want it can borrow.