May 21, 2004


I've been to the DMV almost every morning this week. It seems there's always at least one detail that's missing from my paperwork. Yesterday I would have had my CA plates after the inspection but I needed Livia's signature. So I brought back the form today. Today was my fault, after waiting an hour they finally called B051. I was B071. I waited another fifteen minutes with no more B's called. When I started fantasizing about the various ways I could kill the guy standing right up next to me making clucking noises with his tounge I made an executive decision to bail. I'll try again on Monday.


Mike said...

It seems like I always wind up spending the day when I go down to my local DMV. I was at the DMV for nearly four hours when I went to pick up my custom plates.

Not fun at all.

I hope you have a better experience Monday. -clucks-

Biz said...

I took the train today because Livy needed the car. So the DMV will have to wait until tomorrow. That's right. I'm making them wait.

Mike said...

Wonderful! You show the DMV who's boss.