Dec 13, 2002

Feng Shui for web designers:
  • Make sure it has an appealing entrance area - the 'splash' screen and main menu page.

  • Avoid using an internet service provider which has a bad history - for example, one which has hosted several failed sites. This would create bad feng shui even though, to 'rational' eyes, the internet service provider has not been in any way responsible for these failures.

  • Don't line up all elements against the sides of the screen.

  • Ch'i thrives in harmonious and pleasant environments. Designing websites which merely look 'businesslike' will not give pleasure and a healthy circulation of ch'i.

  • Only have a smallish number of carefully-selected links. Long lists of links are stagnant in appearance, and the ch'i rapidly escapes through them.

  • Different companies are trying to develop the industry-standard plug-in that will deliver ambient music, in small files (that's why it has to be ambient), to web sites. These would probably be good for the feng shui of sites, since soothing ambient music in the background would be akin to the flow of running water, which increases the flow of positive ch'i.

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