Jun 26, 2001

As a vegan, I don’t consume any animal products, everything I eat, wear, etc, is plant-based or of non-animal origin. Sometimes people say funny things when they discover this.

On the subject of honey:

"But dude, Honey doesn’t come from animals… it’s collected."

"Bees are not animals, they’re insects. If they they were animals, we’d call them animals, not insects."

On the subject of an entirely non-animal diet:

"But you eat fish right?"

Then, all of a sudden, everything seems questionable to the non-vegan:

"You eat potato chips?"

"What about salt? Are you allowed to eat salt?"

These are just a few things that I can remember. I gotta try to remember them more often because they’re funny. I guess it’s normal for people to ask these questions because maybe they’re thinking about it for the first time in their lives and it’s a new concept.

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